Revolutionize Your Email Signatures

Discover the simplest way to create, install, and manage all of your company's email signatures.

You have specific needs, Signally Studio will offer you a custom solution tailored to all your needs.

Why Signally ?

Create your email signature with a few clicks


Deploy it to your entire company with a few clicks


Unify your messages and communication


Schedule your banners in advance and automate their deployments


No technical skills required


Customize your email signature according to your needs and your business sector


Increase click-through rates by more than 35% with animated banners


Low price for all of our features


Effortless Integration

Our plugins can be installed with just a few clicks, allowing you to fully enjoy our features. There's no need to be a technology expert - simply follow our step-by-step guides for a smooth and stress-free integration experience.

Compatible with Google Workspace and Microsoft Appsource, our plugins seamlessly integrate with your favorite productivity tools.
No matter which email client you use, our solution is at hand to help you make your emails identical and consistent.
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Create teams, assign your signatures, and schedule the deployment of your marketing banners

Signally adapts to your organization, create teams and automatically deploy all your signatures to all your colleagues.
Take advantage of ultra-flexible and dynamic communication.

  • Simplified team creation for better organization
  • Automatic assignment of your signatures to all your colleagues
  • Effective planning for the deployment of your marketing banners
  • Identical signature for all your supports and email clients
Avec Signally, l'organisation de votre entreprise n'a jamais été aussi simple. Profitez d'une création d'équipes simplifiée et d'une attribution automatique de vos signatures à tous vos collaborateurs.
Grâce à Signally, donnez à votre entreprise les moyens d'atteindre de nouveaux sommets.

A wide choice of signature templates for all sectors

Explore our extensive library of signature templates, specially designed to meet the needs of all sectors.
Find the design that matches your brand and leave a lasting impression with every email you send.

Template 7 - Terre de Café
Template 4
Template 3
Template 1
Template 6 - Oh baby
Template 5
Template 2
Template 7 - Terre de Café
Template 4
Template 3
Template 1
Template 6 - Oh baby
Template 5
Template 2

Multiply the power of your emails

With our tools, transform each email you send into a powerful marketing and branding opportunity.
Multiply the power of your emails and make a lasting difference to your recipients.

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Give a modern image of your company with every email you send

Our creation tool allows for ultra-customization of your emails.
Efficient and simple, it will enable you to create a signature in your image.

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All our features at a low price


per user/month up to 200 users*
Centre d'aide et support en ligne
Bénéficiez d'un bonus exceptionnel avec notre "Centre d'aide et support gratuit en ligne". Assistance continue, résolution instantanée - nous sommes là pour vous 24/7.
Création et planification de campagnes de communication
Concevez votre vision des choses. L'efficacité organisée, pour un impact optimal à chaque fois. Piloter le changement, tout simplement.
Signatures internes/externes
Adaptez votre discours avec nos signatures.
La justesse de votre message, que ce soit en interne ou vers l'extérieur de l'entreprise.

Formule payante

Jusqu'à 200 collaborateurs
Toutes nos fonctionnalités en illimités
Accès aux fonctionalités gratuites
accès à des statistiques approfondies
Harmonisation des annuaires Office 365
Administration de plusieurs marques et agences
Programmation avancée de vos bannières de communication
Segmentation des utilisateurs via le système de groupes
Sous-domaine sécurisé et personnalisable avec HTTPS
Signatures épurées pour les réponses et transferts d'e-mails
Correspondance des champs de l'annuaire
Intégration automatique de la signature dans votre webmail et client de messagerie
Plus de 200 collaborateurs? Prenons contact pour une assistance optimale.

Creation and planning of communication campaigns

Signatures internes/externes

Signature creation via a dedicated customization tool

Help center and online support

Wide range of statistics available
Automatic integration of directories in Office 365
Automatic integration of directories in Google Workspace
Administration of multiple brands and agencies (Office 365)
Advance programming of communication banner playlists
Assignment of customizable templates by departments and teams
Secure and customizable subdomain with HTTPS (white label)
Addition/Removal of email signature for a team member
Matching of directory fields
Automatic integration of the signature in your webmail and email client
V Card integration (in the form of icons or QR code)
Possibility to integrate Call To Actions such as leaving a review or making an appointment
Provision of icons linking to your social networks
*for more than 200 users, please refer to the pricing grid

The Signally team

is here to support you

Do you have questions? We have answers: Whether you are new to the world of email marketing or looking to optimize your use of our tools, our Signally team is here for you. Check our FAQ for clear and concise answers to your most common questions.

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Who are we?

We are Signally, an innovative company specializing in the creation and automated deployment of email signatures for all companies. Whether you are a small business, a medium-sized enterprise, a freelancer, a creative, or a professional in a liberal occupation, our goal is to turn each email sent into a real communication and branding opportunity.

As experts in our field, we design personalized and professional email signatures that not only enhance your brand identity but also serve as additional channels to disseminate relevant information and news to your email recipients. Whether you are a small business or a large corporation, our solution is designed to adapt to your specific needs and help strengthen your digital presence. At Signally, we are determined to add value to every email you send.

Is there a limit to the number of users I can import?

No, there is no limit to the number of users you can import into our system. You have the freedom to add as many users as you wish. However, we always recommend checking the quality and accuracy of the data before proceeding with a mass import to ensure the proper operation of your system.

Can I use my own font on Signally?

At Signally, we aim to ensure optimal compatibility and readability for all users, regardless of the browser or device used. To this end, we only accept the use of websafe fonts. These fonts have been specially designed to be widely supported across all web browsers and operating systems.

Therefore, unfortunately, the use of your own font would not be possible. We encourage you to explore the wide selection of available websafe fonts to find the one that best fits your needs and the aesthetics of your brand.

Is there a minimum commitment period for the subscription?

No, there is no minimum commitment period for the subscription with us. You are free to subscribe to our service for the period that suits you best. We understand that needs can change, which is why we have made our plans as flexible as possible. You can subscribe or unsubscribe at any time, depending on your needs.

How does Signally protect my data?

The peculiarity of our system is that the information processing is done directly on your system, i.e., at the client's premises. This means that your data is never transferred or stored on our servers. Thus, we minimize the risk of exposing your data, significantly increasing security.

Moreover, our solution is designed to be in compliance with the strictest international data protection regulations (GDPR), thus ensuring total peace of mind about the management and protection of your data.

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